Medical Dermatology
in Fayetteville

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Ensuring Healthy, Beautiful Skin

Our medical dermatology services are available to not only maintain your health, but also your comfort in your own skin. If you are concerned about a skin abnormality, we offer same day appointments and can do in-office lab testing.
✓  Eczema
✓  Melasma
✓  Melanoma Detection
✓  Nail Fungus
✓  Psoriasis
✓  Rosacea/Redness
✓  Skin Cancer
✓  Vascular Lesions
✓  Vitiligo
✓  Warts

For Your Cosmetic Skin Care

You can visit Dr. Gafford at Chameleon Spa for services like Botox, fillers, injections, and more.
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